Cooling Towel for Instant Relief – 40″ Long As Scarf, XL Ultra Soft Compact Mesh Sports Fitness Towels – Keep Cool for Gym Running Biking Hiking Yoga Golf, with Carabiner Waterproof Bag Packaging

October 31, 2016 - Comment

Alfamo cooling towel is a new style of towel which is different from traditional towel. It is easy to clean and wash and due to its superior material it has the feature of cooling your body quickly. For the outdoor worker it is a best choice for them to use. Because of the high temperature

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Alfamo cooling towel is a new style of towel which is different from traditional towel. It is easy to clean and wash and due to its superior material it has the feature of cooling your body quickly. For the outdoor worker it is a best choice for them to use. Because of the high temperature and sun ray, they will hurt our skins easily if there is no cool things to control the body temperature. Once owning this towel, it is easy for the workers to work in a comfortable condition and increase the effect of work, it is vertical during summer time. Our Alfamo chill cooling line provides cooling through evaporation to keep you comfortable all day long. This new technology will give a new experience for our hot summer time. This towel is also suitable for sports and travel use.

Size:100*30 cm


Make you feel cool and comfortable for several hours when you do outdoor sports, say goodbye to the hot summer
Ideal for all outdoor activities, such as cycling, golf, camping, climbing, fishing, hunting, hiking, Jogging, etc
Can be also used in high temperature work, such as construction sites, driving, welding, painting, and various industrial fields
Can be even used as a first aid application like migraines, fevers, bee stings, sprains, etc

Package Contains: 1*Cooling Towel

Product Features

  • EXTRA LONG & MULTIPURPOSE SPORTS TOWEL, 40″ long by 12″ wide. It is easy to tie if you will be moving around a lot. Works like a charm as golf club head cover, cooling bandana or neck wrap. Longer inches make the towel perfect for athletes, runners, sports fans into workout, gym and fitness, females suffering with side effects of heat stress, hot flashes; patients who need cold therapy after operations, surgeries; gardeners doing yard work, mowing the lawn and workers working out in summer heat
  • CHILLS INSTANTLY, Hyper-evaporative breathable mesh material makes it easy to activate the chilling towel when you simply soak, wring out and snap it. Re-wet to reactivate it. Unlike PVA material that drys to cardboard, it is silky soft, pliable, easily folds up & fits into a gym bag. The towel stays chilled for up to 3 hours and it reduces body temperature up to 30 degrees. The soaked fabric is pleasant to touch, rather than annoyingly dripping wet. It also provides UPF 50 sunscreen protection
  • HOW IT WORKS? The super absorbent fiber weave technology of the mesh towel regulates the water inside and ensures water retention, so it’s treating it kind of like an air-conditioner, and within seconds you get cold. Like sweat on you skin, when water evaporates it cools. Any ole cotton or microfiber towel would work, but not as well design to maximize evaporative cooling or comfort. If you are sweating a lot, rinse the ‘salty water’ out from time to time. Salt reduces evaporation/cooling rate
  • BONUS ANTI-BACTERIAL CARRYING POUCH WITH CARABINER CLIP, With the waterproof plastic case, it’s easy to carry the chilly towel on a rock climb, golf trip, corssfit training, etc. The reusable packaging is friendly to earth and saves more space than a bottle. The storage case comes with carabiner clips of vibrant colors that match the towel, making it a great gift for all ages. The clip makes it convenient to attach the towel to the belt of sports bag, camping hammock and traveling backpack
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! These will be your best cooling towels ever. Amazon’s guarantee is great, but ours is even better! We are so confident that you will love Alfamo Cooling Towels that we have a “Lifetime Money Back Guarantee”. If at any time you aren’t completely happy with your purchase, just let us know and we will refund you in full. Even if its 6 months from now! Enjoy our limited time offer sale right now! What are you waiting for, Click the ADD TO CART Button now


Jim says:

Best cooling towel design. I have bought other towels at 3 times this price that don’t meet the quality and functionality of the Alfamo towel. All the chilling towels work on evaporative cooling of water. Water must rapidly evaporate to cool. High relative humidity in the air lowers water evaporation rate.We use these towel when sailing in warm Gulf water or high humdity. Their bright color fabric side has specialty exposure to evaporate water faster than other towels.The towel length allow more…

Wings71 says:

Not a discounted price review Most are reviews based on discounted or free towels which I don’t entirely trust nowadays. I bought three towels, full price, purple, light blue and dark blue. I tried it in 85 degree weather and it does cool wonderfully however for me the towels smelled like paint. I washed them twice in the washer, no help with the smell. Hanging them in the house to dry caused the whole house to smell like paint. What worked was letting dry, then pouring white vinegar into them until each was soaked and…

Pamela J. Peerce Landers says:

Works Great, But You Must “Snap” It Correctly Received an email from the seller offering me this cooling towel at half price, no review required. It has been in the 90’s here with dew points in the high 60’s and only an occasional breeze, in other words: hot and humid. I thought, why not? Anything that could make it more comfortable to work outside in this heat, would be wonderful, especially for $5.Got it yesterday. Directions: soak it, wring it out and “snap” it to activate. What exactly does it snap it mean? I…

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