Yoga Towel (YT-19)

October 14, 2018 - Comment
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Walter says:

Get a grip! I suppose it isn’t perfect, but it’s close. Good product, works as advertised, includes a nice draw string bag which is not pictured with the product. While there is some plastic included in the part, it seems durable. Probably the weakest point is the adjustment mechanism, but while the adjustment knob is plastic, the rod/screw used is metal. Adjustments are not precise, but this probably isn’t needed by most users. The spring appears to be of good quality. Do note that the grips will leave…

Slightly Opinionated says:

Relieves Painful Muscle Cramping in Hands Out of the blue one night, my husband awoke with the most painful muscle cramps in his hands. We’re talking unrelenting pain. His doctor said the x-rays showed “mild-to-moderate arthritis” from decades of abuse in the construction industry. There isn’t a “magic pill” to stop his muscle cramps and we don’t want to depend on “pills” either. We looked to other forms of therapy. He’s tried bands, balls, you name it with no lasting positive results. Next on the list was a…

Mo says:

QUALITY, GUARANTY, free SACK of BALLS Higher QUALITY and a better feeling grip than that of the one sold at walmart. Unlike with that other one, the PINKY FITS onto the grip, and so can be strengthened along with the other fingers. Unlike the other one, this gripper also DOES NOT MAKE SPRING NOISE and does not leave a pile of plastic powder.The extra SACK OF 2 soft rubber stress BALLS has also been appriciated by my WIFE. Good for a LAUGH and for strengthening her grip.If the spring does ever fail, I’ll be in touch…

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